I'm only a pissed off consumer because wholesale escapes is a great travel choice. People are looking this up and seeing people complaining who obviously haven't traveled with this program yet.

Please don't be a follower, take a vacation for $155 for a whole week in a beautiful condo in the location of your choice and you'll see why my family loves it. It's like having a travel agent in your pocket.

Try it

And you'll vacation like you never have before. We have been on two cruises also, one was a christmas cruise out of Charleston to the Bahamas with my mom and mother in law

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Charleston, South Carolina, United States #965576

I'm James Fender, Project Director for Wholesale Escapes. I am leaving my position because I am sick and tired of stealing innocent people's money.

I have worked in timeshare and now vacation clubs for the past 12 years. I have helped facilitate $2,500,000 in sales over the past 2 years alone, and the entire product is a scam.

Steer very clear of W.E.

to James Fender #1501157

Thank you for your information

Columbus, Ohio, United States #817244

this company isa rip off I lost several hundred dollars tried to make plans to stay at a certain motel was told a price of 600 dollars when we started making plans for vacation found out the rooms were 2000 RIP OFF no refunds


We tried quite a few times to get accommodation in various places and they could not provide any. We gave them many opportunities to assist us with our vacation plans and got n-o-t-h-i-n-g!!!! :sigh :(

Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States #802654

You obviously work for this predatory company! :(


it could be coincidence but it is curious that this anonymous posting originated in Charleston SC, home of the company the writer says is such a great company ! Selfserving ?

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